Less than a week to RSVP for the reunion...
Posted Wednesday, November 18, 2009 02:07 PM


We are less than a week away from the deadline to RSVP for the reunion!

Right now we have about 60 classmates that have registered for the reunion, but only half of them have paid, and therefore, officially RSVP'd - so hopefully that will change this week! It only takes a minute or two to pay your PayPal bill, and it will greatly help us & The Spot plan for the event.

Also, the following classmates have indicated in their profiles that they are attending the reunion, but have failed to actually register for it by clicking on the 10-YEAR REUNION link on the website and filling out the little questionnaire at the bottom:

Aaron Bostic, Amanda Isbell, Andy Dobrota, Cory Sietsma, John Hockersmith, Josh Meyer, Justin Hiday, Phil Dowling, Philip Mott, Russ Howell, Ryan O'Neil, Sebastian Lundstrom, Tera Luellen (Jones) & Trevor Leonard

So if you could please either register for the reunion or update your profile to indicate that you are not coming (can even shoot me a response to tell me), it would be appreciated.

And as always, if you have any questions or concerns, please let me know sooner than later!


P.S. You can click here to access the reunion flyer!